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About Aalborg Karneval

  • Aalborg Carnival is among the 10 largest carnivals in the world and is Northern Europe’s largest carnival
  • The carnival In 2023, is the 41st held in Aalborg.
  • Aalborg Carnival is not only bound to Aalborg, it is for everybody in Denmark, and everybody who wants to travel abroad
  • Aalborg Carnival is held in the city streets & squares and finishes in Kildeparken
  • The carnival is always held during the last week of May
  • Over 2,000 volunteers are involved each year in running Aalborg Carnival
  • Aalborg Carnival helped financing more than DKK 720,000,- to various associations in 2019
  • Aalborg Carnival is a whole week of samba, joy and love
  • Approximately 200,000 to 300,000 attend or visit Aalborg Carnival every year
  • Aalborg Carnival is run by the “Aalborg Carnival Association”, which is a member-driven association whose sole purpose is to make  carnival in Aalborg
  • In 2013, the carnival was visited by China’s biggest news agency Xinhua News Agency of China. They recorded a 17 min. long broadcast which was seen by 100 – 300 million people

Pressekit can be downloaded here.