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International Parade
17th of May 2019
Participating carnival groups

Rampage Carnival Club (UK) - This is one of the top carribean groups from the UK. They are masters at creating large scale costumes with lots of feathers and bling!

Oakleaf Creativity (Germany) - It is the fifth time this stilt group will be joinings us. They design and create all of their costumes themselves! This year they will bring beautiful inflatbel costumes inspired by the world of chess.

Caballos De Menorca (Spain) - 2012 was the last time we saw these wild horses from spain, and now they are finally back! Accompanied by their own live drummer, the horses dance through the parade and get REALLY close to the audience!

Saurus (Holland) - 3 prehistoric giants visit Aalborg for the first time! You will not want to miss the 5 meters tall dinosaurs in this years parade!

Les Poules (France) - These sassy hens have travellede the world since they were in Aalborg in 2015, and now they are finally back! We can't wait to let them loose on the streets of Aalborg.

Rodafonio (Spain) - A musical bicycle wheel, that you have to see to understand! Inside the wheel are 4 musicians who play live while cycling. They have travelled all over the world and we look forward to seeing them in Denmark for the first time!

Kemishow Aalborg (Aalborg) - A group of chemistry nerds will be joining us and creating huge bubbles in the parade!

Touch of Africa (Aalborg) - This group was founded in 2005 and have participated many times. The girls focus on performing dances from different African cultures and they make their costumes themselves!

Alhokoldet (Aalborg) - It is the 21st time that Alkoholdet performs at Aalborg Carnival! They are masters of floatbuilding and they also design and create their costumes themselves!

Karnevalskoloritterne (Aalborg) - With new and original design ideas each year, Koloritterne are not to be missed. They always create a total universe within their theme, where costumes and floats play wonderfully together.

Vimoroz (Aalborg) - A dance and drum group inspired by the culture of West Africa.You will now them by their energetic dance and high tempo music! Their speciality is to spread joy and happines!

Poco Loco (Aalborg) - Almost since the beginning of Aalborg Carnival, there has been Poco Loco Samba School. They bring Rio to Aalborg with their beautiful dancers and warm rythms.

Dunkelfolket (Aalborg) - Dunkelfolket have been with us since the beginning! They are always the ones who start the International Parade, and they are very good at spreading laughter throughout the parade.

Lille vildmose Production School (DK) - The students at the school spend all of spring designing costumes for the parade and each year they come up with a new theme to present.

MGK (Aalborg) - A group of young musicians from the Musicconservatory of Aalborg. Theirs show is all about brass and happines!




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