15. MAY 2020




The international parade moves from J.F. Kennedys Plads and down to Gabels Torv.
The parade starts on Friday 17 May at. 18: 00
There is an opportunity to see the parade from the sidewalk all the way down Boulevarden, Østerågade and Nytorv. We will set up 3 tribunes in the area of Nytorv, where you can buy a seat during the day, so you don’t have to stand behind that tall guy and miss it all.


Mandinga Arts

Mandinga Arts is this year bringing their show Monkey Business. Mandinga is known for their distinctive style that links live music, humor, carnival, street costumes, puppet theater and dance with influence from all parts of the world. In the carnival week, Mandinga holds 20 workshops with students from Hasseris Gymnasium who participate with them for the international parade.

Baldufa – Zeppeliner

For the first time, Aalborg Carnival welcomes Baldufa and their Zeppeliner. The show leads us into a world of dreams and imagination. Monsieur Bocamoll, Marcello and Ursus bring us into their zeppeliner to the beginning of the 20th century and the time of pioneers in air travel.

Xirriquiteula Teatre – Giraffes

The Giraffes show is spectacular, when they bring the animals to life and the giraffes are released into the city streets. They spread joy on the road as they move quietly forward and come in contact with the audience they meet.


The stilt Group Oakleaf is attending Aalborg Carnival for the fifth time and designs and sews their costumes.


Know your past so you can understand the present and plan for the Future. A joyous atmosphere is guaranteed when the hip swaying music and the caribbean colourful creative costumes join the procession.



For 30 years, Dunkelfolket have spread horror, laughs and the smiles on the audience’s lips. The Dunkelfolket walk in the front, and appear with wooden masks and black costumes, and contact the spectators without words so that fun and surprising situations arise. 


Step into a black and white silent movie from the 1920s. The Carnival Colors consists of both dancers, a beautiful carriage and street theater, where as an audience you cannot know for sure whether you yourself suddenly become part of the story. The group is based in Nørresundby and has been around for 11 years with the goal of always giving the audience a spectacular experience.

Touch of Africa

The Aalborg based group was founded in 2005 and has participated in International Parade many times. The group performs with music and dance from various African cultures and makes their own costumes.

Poco Loco

The Samba school Poco Loco is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with happy sambarytoms, swinging hips and Hawaii inspired costumes. There is a guarantee of a party full of energy and happiness.


This year Alkoholdet will join Aalborg Carnival for the 22nd time. They excel by building an impressive carnival cart up from scratch, and even design their own costumes. This year, Alkoholdet brings a bite of Hawaii to the Aalborg streets.


MGK is a group of 15-20 talented musicians from the Music Conservatory’s basic course that come and spread tasty and delicious tones from the Brass world.


The rocking rhythms and the energy of dance are what characterize the dance and drum group Vimoroz, which is inspired by Western African culture. The group sews many of their colorful costumes or gets them produced by locals in Ghana or neighboring Togo.

Lille Vildmose Produktionsskole 

The students from Lille Vildmose Production School spend the whole spring designing costumes for this year’s carnival, and participate each year with an exciting new theme.


When the international parade gets to Gabels Torv, get ready for the bull offering. Aalborg’s beloved Cimbrertyr has to go through fire and let life re-emerge more beautiful and strong. With the burning of the bull, we say goodbye to the cold winter, warming ourselves by the flames and welcoming a sunny carnival.

Gabels Torv

17. Maj




If you just can’t get enough of the talented international and local carnival groups, you have the opportunity to see a little extra show at C.W Obels Plads and enjoy more of the great carnival spirit.

C.W Obels Plads

18. maj



Come join the dance event, where there is an opportunity to party with all the carnival groups and learn cool dance moves from all over the world. Studenterhuset is filled with carnival atmosphere and IT IS FREE!



Gammeltorv 10

9000 Aalborg

18. Maj 2019

20:00 – ??


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