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If you have any questions about the carnival, we are happy to answer them on Facebook or via e-mail.

To get ahead of a few of your questions, we have put together this top 10 list of frequently asked questions and their concomitant answers: 

1. Where can I buy tickets to Aalborg Karneval?

You can buy the carnival wristbands (Loyalitetsarmbånd) in pre-sale, either online or in select stores in Aalborg. Check the sales site. The final opportunity to buy the wristband at pre-sale price will be in areas where the parades begin, as well as in the select stores pre-selling them. In Kildeparken, you pay the full price. You can also buy the wristband on the day of the parade at sales stands near Kildeparken.

2. When does Aalborg Karneval begin and end?

Aalborg Carnival takes place every year in week 21, during which a number of different events take place. This year the week falls May 20-28.

3. How do I join Saturday's carnival parade?

To participate in the public (free) part of the parade, the Star Parade, simply wear a costume and go to one of the three start areas. Keep in mind the limited toilet facilities for those without a Loyalty Wristband. It can advantageously be bought in pre-sale.

4. How much does participation in the carnival cost?

Participation in the parade through the city is free, but only participants with a valid wristband are admitted into Kildeparken. We encourage participants to buy the Loyalty Wristband and thus contribute to covering the expenses of the carnival. You will benefit from buying the wristband in pre-sale where the price is 125 DKK, thereby avoiding queues at the sales stands and paying the full price of 200 DKK. The final opportunity to buy the wristband at pre-sale price will be at the start areas. It is possible to buy the wristband near Kildeparken at the sales stand in Skulpturparken, but it will be available at full price only.

5. What are the rules surrounding beverages?

This year we sell our Carnival Beer and Carnival Mokaï, which are the only beverages permitted inside Kildeparken. They are sold as six-packs only, the prices of which are 45 DKK if you have a Loyalty Wristband, and 60 DKK if you don’t. Guards by the entrance will ensure that you don’t bring your own beverages into the park, so make their jobs easier and simultaneously support Aalborg Karneval by bringing authorized beverages only. If you are spotted with unauthorized beverages inside Kildeparken, the guards may cut off your wristband.

6. How much time does the parade take?

We aim for the parade to take approximately four hours, but precisely when the different parts of the parade reach Kildeparken may vary significantly. If you therefore want the parade experience to last longer, we recommend you position yourself at the back of the procession at the starting points, whereas you should stand at the front if you want the parade to take less time.

7. Are there any restrictions on what costumes I can wear?

Only your imagination limits what costumes you can wear. Political or commercial advertising by means of banners and such are, however, not permitted. Additionally, prevalent Danish law should of course be followed at all times.

8. Are there any age restrictions for participating in the carnival?

No, there are no age limits; everyone is welcome. We do, however, recommend that children and youths up to age 16 participate in Children’s Carnival instead, or be accompanied by an adult. The carnival on Saturday is primarily meant to be a party for adults.

9. Why can't I bring a shopping cart to the parade?

Shopping carts are not allowed since they are owned by the grocery stores and therefore are considered stolen property if they are removed from the store areas. Keep in mind that you risk a 1000 DKK fine if you steal a shopping cart, or if you bring one to the parade without accompanying proof of ownership.

10. Where can I get the best view of the parade?

As a spectator at Friday´s Battle of Carnival Band´s parade and Saturday´s Star Parade, you generally have a good view along most of the planned routes. On Friday, though, the best opportunities for a great view of the parade are near Nytorv, Boulevarden and Vesterbro. Keep in mind, however, that the route is always very well attended. The carnival parade on Saturday has its spectator route on Vesterbro from Borgergade, all the way to Frederikskildevej, shortly before AKKC. We recommend that you as a spectator do not position yourself near Kildeparken’s entrance areas, as it may create unnecessary queueing for carnival participants looking to enter the park.



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