During the years 2019-2022 Aalborg Carnival is going to be a part of the EU-project LIBERTY. LIBERTY is going to help create awareness and discourse about solidarity, migration, freedom and cultural identity.

12 organizations from 10 European countries will involve young artists to create different experiences in music, theater, art and language among others.


LIBERTY is a project, that is divided into different strands. These strands has a significant focus, that the partipating partners makes activities around. The activities must includes a series of different elements, that connects them to the themes of the LIBERTY project.

You can read about the different strands here:

Inside-Out Performance

The meaning of this artform is to make a performance, that takes place both on site at specific outdoor locations as well as inside at locations, that are either cultural or non-traditional for performance. The performance should lead people to new and stimulating places.

Processional Theatre

This artform calls for a parade-like performance, that will make interaction and engage the people who pass by, even though they may not have been looking for cultural activity.

Liberty Art

Provocative and place-making visual art, for example sculptural art, murals, street art and graffiti. This should be bold, engaging and used to encourage debate on the project’s themes.

Outdoor Digital Art

Takes place outside in areas, and includes significant digital elements, for example augmented reality. The strand is made to engage and attract LIBERTY’s target audience.

Educational Workshop

The workshops, that are under the LIBERTY project is highly participative and focus on the engagement of young people and children. They are practical, accessible, challenging and fun, and focus on co-creation and exploration of the themes under LIBERTY.

Seminar and Discussion

Focusing on LIBERTY’s themes; raising questions, seeking actions and galvanising more interest and spin-off activity, these seminars and discussions will make it possible to deep-dive into the themes.

The EU-project runs from September 2019 until December 2022. We will introduce our contribution at the International Parade in 2021. This site, as well as our Facebook-page, will be updated regularly!