Parade start


Parade start at 10.00

Line-up on Mellem Broerne

Participating parade floats:

The King float - The Carnival King Johnny Reimar leads the Star Parade on his king float. Along with him follows samba girls, royal guards and troops of happy carnival goers. 

Samba Locura (Live) - On spanish "Samba Locura" translates to "samba madness" or "insane samba". It is exactly this feeling, the group attempts to create at the carnival. 

ANR Float - The party DJ's of ANR lights up the party with all the good hits you know from the radio. 

Texas Cous Cous (Live) - The wild french has travelled the world with the festive music and now the time has come for Aalborg! They plan on partying with as many carnival guests as possible.

Grupo Suomisamba (Live) - Grupo Suomisamba is a samba school with real Rio De Janeiro style from Finland. If you want to experience real samba and dance in the parade, then party with the finns. 

Touch of Africa - Travel a day to Africa and feel the warmth and rythm of the savannah.  

Karnevalskoloritterne - Experience Karnevalskoloritterne with their great costumes and spectacular float, which they every year build themselves. 


Parade start at 11.00.

Line-up on the parking lot by Skat/the Shell gas station at the end of Østerbro (Østerbro 75, 9000 Aalborg).

Participating parade floats:

Alkoholdet - Experience "Swinter" (Summer/Winter) at Alkoholdet. Do you miss Santa Clause and winter's comfort, then come party with this float. 

Mens Club - If you're looking for Mens Club, then look up! The 4 meter high Trojan Horse, will be hard to miss. 

Kalentura (Live) - These dutchmen were in the parade last year and drummed all the way to Kildeparken. They are ready to play awesome dance rhytms again this year. 

Copenhagen Showband (Live) - All the great hits you can sing along, will be played by this brassband from Copenhagen, when they for the second time participates in Aalborg Carnival

Star Wars - Join the party and feel the force all the way through the parade.

Diskotek XQlusive - You can always count on a great party around this float. This year the theme is inspired by the police, FBI and SWAT. 







Parade start at 11.00

Line-up on Kastetvej and on the square in front of Haraldslund Vandkulturhus (Kastetvej 83, 9000 Aalborg).

Participating parade floats:

Fan-Tasterne - Find Fan-Tasternes festive Volkswagen Bus and you will be guaranteed a great party.

The Danish Roligans - We will roll with a topclass Huttelihut feeling and football mood.

Harry Potter - There will be a magical atmosphere surrouding the Harry Potter float, where you are invited to a game of Quidditch. Regardless if you belong to Gryffendor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, you are invited.. 

Camp Alpehytten - This group is experts in creating party vibes and spread summer rhytms across the parade. 

Camp Luksus - Camp Lukusu is built on gag, loud music and great friendships. It started as a camp on Roskilde Festival with a tiny music player powered by a car battery, but is now a rolling party powered by 100 times as much energy. 

Foxy Beat - The music will be inspired by sommer and southern countries. At the same time house and party with edge and quality will be played. 

Kvisten - Keep watch for Kvistens veteran truck and dance to cool music and quench the thirst.

Hjertebanken - If you like housemusic with samba undertones, this float is for you. Meet your chosen one for the carnival at Hjertebanken.



A wristband with value

Free transport

With a Loyalty Wristband you may travel freely across Nordjylland with NTs busses and DSB at no charge

from Friday May 26 at 12.00 to Sunday May 28 at 16.00.

This allows you to return home free of charge the day after the carnival!

As an example, you will be able to take the bus from Thisted to Aalborg on Friday and back again Sunday – all included in the price of the Loyalty Wristband.

Support Aalborg Karneval and buy our Loyalty Wristband:

Access to the portable toilets along the route

Fresh water along the route

Access to Children's Carnival

Access to Kildeparken


Need to know

What is the Star Parade?

It’s spring. It’s the month of May and the sun is shining. You’re with your best friends among 60.000 other youths. You are all dressed up and ready for an experience of a lifetime: the Aalborg carnival event. The parade starts and you walk through the streets of Aalborg. You hear the sound of gentle samba rhythms mixed with music from the city you already know and love. You move in unison toward Kildeparken where the party continues. You party, you’re happy and you interact with anyone and everyone. Today, you live in the now and leave behind the daily grind. You’re alive…

This is one way of describing Aalborg Karneval’s public parade: as a unique experience. And as far as parades go, it's HUGE!



No shopping carts

Shopping carts in the parade are not permitted and will result in a fine!

You should therefore build your own float or bring a rucksack or bag for your beverages.

Don't forget proper footwear

It's important to wear proper footwear. Every year we unfortunately experience carnival participants stepping on broken glass. We therefore encourage everyone to wear proper footwear and thus avoid slicing the festive mood.

Avoid glass bottles

Every year we unfortunately see broken glass put a sharp damper on the enjoyment of carnival participants. We therefore encourage everyone to bring aluminum cans or plastic bottles only!

Take care of each other

Keep an eye out for each other. Never walk into alleys alone and always make sure to take each other home. 



First aid and toilets

Come prepared by keeping yourself updated on the locations of first aid and toilets. They will come in handy.


The use of narcotics is prohibited. Expect increased attention from the police.

Combustable materials

Avoid highly combustible materials in body clinging costumes. There may be more than one reason to want to get out of them quickly!

Beer and Mokaï

Carnival Beer

When you buy the Carnival Beer, you support Aalborg Carnival. It is available again this year.

May be brought into Kildeparken!

The beer is a premium pilsner beer, brewed by Heineken, and is thus of a high quality with a great taste. The Carnival Beer can be bought 2 weeks before the carnival from a number of select grocery stores in and around the center of Aalborg.

FYI: will not be sold individually.

Carnival Mokaï

You can also support Aalborg Carnival by buying this year’s newly launched Carnival Mokaï.

May be brought into Kildeparken!

Mokaï is produced by the Danish company Cult, which produces festive energy drinks and delicious cider products with or without alcohol. The Carnival Mokaï can be bought from May 1 2016 from a number of select grocery stores in an around the center of Aalborg.



FYI: will not be sold individually.

Transport and lodgings


With a Loyalty Wristband you may travel freely across Nordjylland with NTs busses and DSB at no charge from Friday May 26 at 12.00 to Sunday May 28 at 16.00.

It is easy to get to the carnival by means of public transportation. The bus and train station are located adjacent to the carnival’s party area. The airport is located a mere 6,5 km from the center of Aalborg.

As an example, you can take the bus from Thisted to Aalborg on Friday and back again Sunday – all is included in the price of the Loyalty Wristband.



You have the option of staying overnight in a hotel during your carnival stay. A list of hotels can be found at VisitAalborg.dk. If hotels are not an option, you can stay at Dan Hostel Aalborg.

Rent or stay privately

There is also the option of renting a summer cabin, or staying privately with other carnivalists from Aalborg.

View the links below for more information:

Visit Aalborg

Finally, you can also camp in the following places:

Aalborg Camping
Lindholm Camping
Sølyst Camping Nibe


This year’s bus routes have not yet been set, but we expect it to be much like those of 2016.


Ride the rails to Aalborg Carnival. Aalborg Train station is placed near the center of the city and is very close to the carnival’s party area. It is free with a loyalty wristband.

X-Busses and Tinggaard Express

Travel quickly to Aalborg with X-Bus from central cities in Jutland. Routes from Århus, Silkeborg, Holstebro, Frederikshavn, Rønbjerg, Nykøbing Mors and Esbjerg.


The airport is located 6,5 km from the city center. Busses travel between the airport and Aalborg bus terminal/city center.


From Kristiansand and Oslo to Hirtshals with Colorline. From Bergen and Stavanger to Hirtshals with Fjordline. From Torshavn (the Faroe Islands) og Seydisfjord (Iceland) to Hanstholm with Smyrilline. From Göteborg, Oslo and Larvik to Frederikshavn with Stena Line.


With highways in both northern and southern direction, Aalborg is highly accessible. Keep in mind the traffic restrictions in the center of the city. Learn more at Trafikken.dk