Speed wedding

Come to the carnival tent and marry to your heart’s content. Group weddings are more than welcome!

Sales stands

It will again this year be possible to purchase food and beverages in Kildeparken.


Fan-Tasterne will be hosting a foam party by the lake while treating you with music!

Map of Kildeparken

Saturday May 27

Kildeparken offers many experiences and opportunities that will allow the party to continue. There will be food stands, discotheques, live music and fun activities like foam party and speed wedding. In short, it will be a carnival at full throttle!

Access with the Loyalty Wristband

A valid Loyalty Wristband grants you access to Kildeparken. It is not permitted to bring food and beverages - except for Carnival Mokaï and Carnival Beer - into Kildeparken. Keep in mind that the price of entry is 250 DKK.

You'll save 100 DKK if you buy the Loyalty Wristband now.


First aid and toilets

Come prepared by keeping yourself updated on the locations of first aid and toilets. They will come in handy.


The use of narcotics is prohibited. Expect increased attention from the police.

Combustible materials

Avoid highly combustible materials in body clinging costumes. There may be more than one reason to want to get out of them quickly!

Beer and Mokaï

Carnival Beer

When you buy the Carnival Beer, you support Aalborg Karneval. It is available again this year.

May be brought into Kildeparken!

The beer is a premium pilsner beer, brewed by Heineken, and is thus of a high quality with a great taste. The Carnival Beer can be bought 2 weeks before the carnival from a number of select grocery stores in and around the center of Aalborg.

FYI: will not be sold individually.

Carnival Mokaï

You can also support Aalborg Karneval by buying this year's newly launched Carnival Mokaï.

May be brought into Kildeparken!

Mokaï is produced by the Danish company Cult, which produces festive energy drinks and delicious cider products with or without alcohol. The Carnival Mokaï can be bought from May 1 2015 from a number of select grocery stores in and around the center of Aalborg.

As with the Carnival Beer, the Mokaï can be bought from cooled containers placed at the three parade starting points on May 28th.

Prices at the parade starting points:


FYI: will not be sold individually.


Please note

Handicap toilets have been placed in Kildeparken. If you are wheelchair-bound or in any way walking-impaired, the entrance by Comwell Hvide Hus is well-suited for you. In dry weather, Kildeparken is well-suited for wheelchairs, but heavy rain can soften the ground and make it problematic for the wheelchair to get around.

Persons under 18 years of age will not be served alcohol.

With the exception of Carnival Mokaï and Carnival Beer, you are not permitted to bring your own food and beverages into Kildeparken.

Meet an assistant


Meet Karen

For the fourth time since 2012, 57-year old Karen Moelskov returns to Aalborg Carnival as an assistant.

Read a brief interview with her here.