Become a sponsor

The key reason behind the great success of Aalborg Karneval is the many assistants/volunteers who lend a hand each year – before, during and after the event. But dedicated sponsors are also an important part of the carnival's organizational framework. 

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, you can contact us via telephone or e-mail.

Support Aalborg Karneval

Why support Aalborg Karneval?

Aalborg Karneval is a non-profit association that works year-round to organize and offer street experiences to children and adults alike in and around Aalborg. These experiences consist of an annual week-long carnival celebration with several individual events during the week that culminate in the Star Parade, a procession through the streets of Aalborg by festively dressed carnival goers. Such an encompassing event requires extensive resources to manage, most of which the association generates itself – with your help. Contrary to popular notions, only very few of Aalborg Karneval’s revenue streams consist of public funding.

How do you support Aalborg Karneval?

For that reason it is vitally important that as many people as possible support Aalborg Karneval by purchasing the Loyalty Wristband as well as other carnival-related merchandise such as the Carnival Beer and the Carnival Mokaï. In addition to that, we welcome your taking time to visit our website, ‘liking’ our Facebook pages, and generally promoting our activities to family, friends and anyone else in your path. We of course hope that you make an appearance when the carnival takes place and participate either dressed up or as a happy onlooker.

What does the price of the Loyalty Wristband cover?

Price: 125 DKK.
Expenses covered by the price:

VAT: 25 kr.
Artists fees: 3,98 kr.
International Carnival: 8,75 kr.
Parade & Kildepark: 32,99 kr.
Clean-up: 15, 68 kr.
Children’s Carnival: 8,68 kr.
Marketing: 2,47 kr.
Planning and administration: 27,45 kr.